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My Story

My Name is Katherine, I have 6 wonderful children & have been married nearly  20 years.  I love to be with my family. We love to be together everywhere. We love being on the snow, at the lake, in the mountains, in our own back yard.  Some of the activities we love to do as a family is to make and  create all kinds of projects, big and small. 

A close friend and I spent four years working for the Idaho State Fair. We organized a wide variety of demonstrations for the Creative Arts Department. We really enjoyed meeting new people and learning from the knowledgeable instructors. We would like to share the joy we find in learning, and creating things with you!

Welcome to 1191 Productions! Where you can meet new people, enjoy your friends, learn, dabble, teach, craft, quilt & create until your heart is content! Let’s do this together! Happy crafting everyone!